Could you forgive your son’s killer?
Today I’m sharing three stories of forgiveness that blew my mind. Imagine you’ve made a video about an issue you really care about. You’ve spent hours producing it and you feel vulnerable about telling the world what you think, but you also feel proud of what you’ve created. You then post it online and someone […]
Making sense of Trump voters
5 min read To people who hate Trump, this election result might have felt like a relief. The good guys won. But, as has been pointed out several times, this was not the rejection of Trumpism that many were hoping for. He got more votes than last time, and those 71 million people aren’t going […]
Your recycling is in a Turkish river
4 min read Last week I was listening to the Today Programme, and the presenter was saying, ‘Are you suspicious about what happens to your recycling after it’s taken away? Well you’re right to be. A new report from Greenpeace has found British plastic piled high and partially burnt in Turkey. They found waste from […]
The key to overcoming conflict
Marshall Rosenburg (1934-2015) was as American psychologist who believed that it is in our nature to enjoy giving and receiving compassionately. Given that belief, he attempted to answer two questions: What happens to disconnect us from our compassionate nature, leading us to behave violently and exploitatively? And, conversely, what allows some people to stay connected […]
10 ways activism makes things worse
When I was at university, being an environmental activist was such a central part of my identity that I was nicknamed Captain Planet. The belief system I had was that polluters and exploiters cared more about money than the harm they were doing, and the average citizen cared more about an easy life than taking […]
Three steps to letting go of fear
Fear is one of the major causes of suffering for we humans. It can keep us awake at night, ruin our relationships, make us addicted to our devices, distract us from pleasurable experiences, stop us making decisions, work too much and just generally feel unhappy – even miserable. Clearly, being able to deal with fear […]
The new macho
Going to an all-boys school, joining the hockey team at uni and watching Hollywood movies gave me a very clear idea of how men are supposed to behave. This included: - Drinking vast quantities of alcohol, quickly. - Sleeping with as many women as possible. - Making as much money as possible. - Owning a […]

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